What happens when you combine heavy riffs, reggae rap, and traditional Japanese instruments?

Senshi happens.

Senshi was born after a Japanese themed video game on which

Adam Rakic (vocals) worked on never saw the light of day, and he decided to lay down his

distinctive ragamuffin vocal style (reggae rap) over the game

 Metal soundtrack which his friend Dalibor Rajk has made.

Soon after that Senshi was formed.

With the outpouring support from their newly found Japanese fanba

se and a new lineup with Srdjan

Toljagic (guitar) Szabolcs Szecsei (Bass), Aleksandar Savic (drums) and 5th member behind

the camera, Borko Simic (Lyrics) the band go full throttle

and in only one year of existence Senshi

successfully crowdfunded their first Japanese tour, release  this album and 6 music videos.

Having an original idea followed with lots of hard work and support from old friends, as well as new ones from Japan, Senshi started a story that is yet to unfold.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: senshitheband

Дарк Радио Ви представя последното видео на Senshi

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