vue x Monroe

vue x Monroe е изпълнител от Англия и представител на тъмната готическа електроната музика. С неговата музика ви води към мрака и окултното.

Ето и ревюто написано от самия автор специално за ДАРК РАДИО.

Hi vue x Monroe isint a group its purly my self I do all the playing on syntherziers Im klassed as a dark expelmentel electronic gothic /horror synth composer all my work is challenging and recorded live straight on to a 32 track tascam potable digital unit I only use 6 channels I use 5 to 6 syntherziers and roland drum machine which had bass lines I don’t use computers nor laptops my good friend David whittaker in Leeds UK just remixes the track s for me if need be I started out doing trance and tek no music but unfortunately after my mum passed away peacefully I started to do dark and santic music 🎶 I use roland syntherziers and nords but what gives it the dark suppressive sound is a Kong z1 synth used by Gary newman which bought of David whittaker David was in a group called the dance society he was,the former key s player but everything you heard on those videos reguading the music was recorded live and done in one take I’m from the UK but what made me started on syntherziers was a person called John caperenter who did the Halloween 🎃 films in the late 80s and the early 90s but my self I’m also known as the UK version of John caperenter I compose direct and management and promote my work I did a score for a renowned actress called maxine peak my self I’m a very dark person and my titles do afend people to certain degree example one my comperstions is called dead man’s party which is absolutely ideal for my next pice I hope this gives you a insight in to my music I’m very grateful for your interest and time
You can listen to my earlier work on little London record s in the UK these are called cemetery from hell Satan s slaves etc but these are getting retitled shortly hope you will find them interesting
regards Stuart
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