Имаме удоволствието да Ви представим един невероятен изпълнител и приятел на Дарк радио — Mr.Jack
The solo album of Mr.Jack “LONG ROAD” is released ‪on March 20, 2019‬!
Produced by Wanikiya Record and recorded at Mountain Rock Studio! In collaboration with: Metal Shock Finland, Metal in Italy and Italia di Metallo! Inside the album great special guests of the rock and metal scenario all made in Italy! Here is the list of disc guest artists:
Freddy Delirio (‪Death ss‬,)
Maestro Mistheria (Vivaldi metal project , Keyboard of ‪Bruce Dickinson‬ of ‪Iron Maiden‬)
Tomas Valentini (Animae Silentes – ‪Skanners‬)
Valerio Edward De Rosa ( Soul of Steel )
Steve Volta (Perpetual Fire)
Raffaele Albanese ( From the Depth – 5th Element Project )
Mario Zeoli (Red Sofà Lab, The Angelis , Thirdston3)
Marco Angelo
Alessandro De Fusco.
The album entirely played, composed and recorded by Mr.Jack in his studio is a complete album and where the artist tells his story through his music, a mix of genres, from Metal, to rock, ballad, hard rock and a lot of passion in composing this album, which more than an album is a personal story of all his career and all the way it had to travel!
Интервю дадена специално за Дарк радио.
Hi! Thank you so much for inviting me! It is a real pleasure and I greet all the listeners and viewers of Dark Radio! it is a real pleasure to be your guest!
When did you started singing?
I started singing since I was born ehehehhehehe, I love music, I love singing and playing various instruments, I started like everyone else for fun and then little by little it became my job and my life since I was 14! When I sing I feel emotions that are difficult to explain! It is a unique passion that I always keep cultivating! I teach singing and I adore singing at any time (even in the shower eheheheheh).
Tell us about your video “Beyond the door “!
Well, Beyond the door is one of my various favorite horror soundtrack projects! I have a passion for music and horror genre since I was a child, I started to compose horror music as a hobby and then in the end they came out two albums, two singles and an ep, “Beyond the door” was also released in Vinyl and the video was premiered at the “Cinecittà Festival International Word” in Rome on Halloween night of 2017. The video was shot by me and the places taken back are the places where I live in the mountains. Creating a job alone always gives you beautiful emotions! is a macabre and intriguing video in my opinion and from the critics has been accepted very well and it really makes me very happy!
In which musical project did you took part in ?
In my life I had the pleasure of participating in different musical projects and I’m really happy! In the past I was part of an event agency and I got to organize live and other for great musicians like Arthemis, Andy Martongelli, Angel Michael Batio, Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth, Cacophony), Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah), Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind) etc. I participated as a singer at the Rockin’1000 at the Franchi stadium in Florence along with 1500 musicians, I participated in the disk of Edward De Rosa “Zeitgeist” as a keyboard player along with the great Giacomo Flights of Rhapsody on FIre! With my old band the Iron Heart we collaborated and participated in musical projects in the USA and in Germany. At the moment I’m working on a great project that sees me as a guest with great artists but I still can not reveal nulle eheheeeehehhe and in the meantime I look forward to the release of my next album!
What do you like doing in your free time?
In my free time I love listening to music! I have a live club where every night with customers we listen to great music and always host different bands! I have a record label, the “Wanikiya Record” and I like listening to new bands to help young artists, I love reading, traveling and being with friends! In my free time I teach (I love teaching eheheh singing) and I often love walking in the mountains to relax a bit
Who are your favourite bands?
Well, my favorite bands are apart from the great classics like the Black Sabbath, the Doors, Metallica, Led Zeppelin etc. etc., I love the Alter Bridge, the Creed and the last solo albums of Slash! In general music, in short, I love different types of genres, from metal, to rock, hard rock, ballad etc. I find it very engaging to listen to new bands to see how music moves in our day!
Who named the album?
My new album is called “Long Road” and will be produced by my record label! it’s a job I really care about! I can not wait to make it listen to the whole world! The record speaks of my whole life! it’s all the way I’ve traveled, from bad friendships, to discovering rock, making the right decisions, there are songs dedicated to paersone that unfortunately are no longer there and people I love, the way I hated, the bad roads of life, the revenge, a bit of everything! My life from 13 years up to today!
When it will be released?
The record will be released on March 20th this year. It will be produced by my record label, the Wanikiya Record, mixed and recorded at the mountai rock studio. I played the whole album with the collaboration of great guests! It will be released in mp3 on all the best music stores in the world through the Red Sofa Lab, in CD format and in vinyl format by Rec on Black! I really can not wait to let you listen! it’s the 3 year work in the studio, with lots of pauses and lots of thoughts, but in the end the day is coming when it can be heard all over the world at last!
Who are the guest musicians there?
The guest artists are many, they are extraordinary and I will never cease to thank them! They did a great job for the record and I’m really happy with it! The guests are: Freddy Delirio (Death ss,) Maestro Mistheria (Vivaldi metal project, keyboard of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden)
Tomas Valentini (Animae Silentes – Skanners) Valerio Edward De Rosa (Soul of Steel) Steve Volta (Perpetual Fire) Raffaele Albanese (From the Depth – 5th Element Project)
Mario Zeoli (The Angelis, Thirdston) Marco Angelo & Alessandro De Fusco.Thank you very much, It was a pleasure to make interview with you for Dark Radio!

Thank you so much for the invitation! I really enjoyed it and thanks again to all the readers! I send a big hello to all the staff of Dark Radio and when I want I’ll be happy to come back to you!

интервюто е взето от Тоня Манолова .

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